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PiCollect support page

Everyone who bought PiCollect

Thank you for purchasing the PiCollect indeed.
We will make the best use of the gotten reviews for the growth of PiCollect.


History of PiCollect

2009/10/29 Ver1.0 Release
2009/11/18 Ver1.1 Release Content Update

About the next version

  • Remove image from the image display state
  • Corresponds to the operating slide show images directly from the state
  • Improve overall performance (heavy fall, and slow)
  • Secret tag (ability to hide any image)

Future features will be available

  • Sort images in the tag
  • Bookmark Foldering

PiCollect Operation Manual

PiCollect basic operation is "shoot", "collect", "show"

About setting PiCollect

Main features PiCollect

  • Tag management
  • Web image download function
  • Web Features Screenshots
  • iPhone photo album import / export


"PiCollect" video page

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